Secretors and non secretors in human population antigens biology essay

To address the hypothesis that secretor status is an effect modifier of abo blood type and pancreatic cancer risk, we estimated ors for participants with secretor/o blood type, nonsecretor/non-o blood type, and secretor/non-o blood type, compared with nonsecretor/o blood type as the referent in whites. In many human populations 80% secrete abo antigens (termed 'secretors') while 20% do not (termed 'non-secretors') furthermore, there are disease conditions that are associated with secretor status objective: to investigate correlations between secretor status and hiv infection among female sex workers in nairobi, kenya. Start studying forensic biology - serology learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools non-secretor antigens are not confined just to the rbc's, but could be found in other bodily fluids found primarily in the asian population, due to mutation or weak secretor gene approximately 80% of the.

Blood group analysis fourteen of the study individuals were non-secretors and 57 secretors twelve of the individuals had lewis a blood group and 48 had lewis b blood group ()in addition, 11 individuals represented lewis negative blood group, expressing neither lewis a nor lewis b antigens. The genotyping revealed that 18 (205%) of the 89 blood donors were found to be non-secretors (se_/_) and 795 % of the healthy individuals studied presented the se gene (fut 2) that governs the secretion of water-soluble abh antigens into saliva (control group. The lewis histo-blood group system comprises two major antigens, lewis a and lewis b the lewis b antigen is a product of two fucosyltransferases, the α(1,3/1,4)fucosyltransferase (lewis enzyme fuc-tiii) encoded by the lewis gene and an α(1,2)fucosyltransferase which is not required for synthesis of lewis a antigen. Epidemiological studies on the associations between abo blood group antigens, secretor status and susceptibility to infectious agents are summarized this is the first study conducted in a south indian population regarding the effect of non-modifiable risk factors, ie blood group phenotypes and rh factor on periodontal tissues.

There were 14 volunteers, which was composed of 2 o secretors, 2 o nonsecretors, 4 a secretors, 3 b secretors, and 3 ab secretors we compared percent landing of h versus c, a versus c, h versus a, h versus b, and a versus b by paired t -test. Abo, lewis, secretor and non-secretor phenotypes in patients infected or uninfected by the helicobacter pylori bacillus department of molecular biology, faculty of medicine of são josé do rio preto, são josé do rio preto, são paulo, brazil. Annals of human biology, 1978, vol 5, no 5, 483-485 short reports this paper considers the secretor status of the population of pembrokeshire, now however, some individuals do not secrete their abh substances they are non- secretors, no antigenic substances being found in their body fluids the ability to secrete the abh group.

F1 generation secretors f2 generation = 75% secretors, 25% non-secretors we will write a custom essay sample on chapter 10-12 biology for you for only $1390/page. Secretor status is defined by the expression of h type 1 antigen on gastric surface epithelium and external secretions the h type 1 structure, and other fucosylated carbohydrates (lea, sialyl-lea, leb, lex, sialyl-lex and ley), can serve as ligands for several pathogens, including helicobacter pylori , and are cancer-associated antigens. The abo blood group system was the significant element for forensic serological examination of blood and body fluids in the past before the wide adaptation of dna typing. Individuals who are ‘secretors’ express blood group o antigens (lewis b (le b) and h antigens), which can be further converted by the abo glycosyltransferases into a or b antigens, respectively22 by contrast, individuals of non-secretor phenotype, se 0, lack the secretor-transferase altogether, and synthesise the shorter lewis a antigen.

Of note, secretor status is recessive, such that two non-secretor alleles are necessary to manifest the non-secretor phenotype using haplotypes of the above snps for each participant, we determined abo alleles ( o01, o02, a 1 , a 2 , and b ) and secretor status (secretor, non-secretor), as shown in table 1. Secretors, who have abh antigens in saliva, have at least one functional se allele, and non secretors, who fail to express abh antigens in their saliva, are homozygous for the nonfunctional se allele [9] [10]. The entire human population can be divided into two groups: the “secretors” and the “non-secretors” about 75% of people are secretors, or people who secrete water-soluble molecules of their blood type in their non-blood fluids like saliva, semen, and vaginal fluid. Non-secretor status of the abh blood group substances in mucous body fluids is associated with pathological conditions of the mucous membranes of the embryologically related digestive and respiratory systems, particularly with duodenal ulcer and gastric (pre)malig. Population has a “non-secretor” status caused by inactivating “non-secretors,” are homozygous for non-functional fut2 alleles, and abo antigens are undetectable in their epithelial tissues and body secretions normal levels of these antigens non-secretor variant is the missense mutationa385t, causing.

Secretors and non secretors in human population antigens biology essay

On the other hand, if vaccination confers less protection against secretor-independent viruses (ve sec ve non-sec), the effect of the vaccine will be diluted in a population comprised of both secretors and non-secretors in such a case, overall observed ve will be less than ve amongst secretors only and/or less than ve against secretor. Abo, h, secretor and lewis histo-blood system genes control the expression of part of the carbohydrate repertoire present in areas of the body occupied by microorganisms. Group antigens in normal human tissues is dependent on the type of differentiation of the epithelium in most human carcinomas, including population, resulting in the absence of abh antigens in saliva only in non-secretors do buccal epithelial cells express a/b transferases, but no a/b products. The fut2 (secretor) gene encodes an α-1,2-fucosyltransferase responsible for the expression of abo histo-blood group antigens on the gi mucosa and in bodily secretions individuals bearing at least one functional allele are known as “secretors,” whereas those homozygous for loss-of-function mutations display a “nonsecretor” phenotype.

  • Frequency of abh secretor status in the world population is about 80% secretors and 20% non-secretors with some geographic and racial differences 15 percentage of secretors and non-secretors in negroes correlates well with that our study 16 findings of this study are at variance with that conducted in american, german, iraqi, japanese and.
  • Individuals that lack fut2 produce the non-secretor phenotype (about 20% of caucasians) and are characterized by the absence of abh antigens in body fluids and various epithelial cells fut3 is an alpha-1,4-fucosyltransferase and produces the lewis antigens le a (type 1) and le x (type2) in non-secretors and le b (type 1) and le y (type 2) in.
  • Human population can be categorized into glands and non-secretors they are categorized on the footing of presence or absence of the blood group antigens ( a, b and h ) in the organic structure fluids and secernments, such as spit, perspiration, cryings, seeds, serum, mucus present in the digestive piece of land or respiratory pits.

Results: results showed that 644% of the study population were abh blood group secretors while 356% were non-secretors frequencies of the secretor status among various abo blood groups were 714% in group a, 795% in group b, 455% in group ab, and 615% in group o. Human population can be categorized into secretors and non-secretors based on a, b and h antigen on basis of presence or absence of these blood group antigens in the body fluids and secretions, such as saliva, sweat, tears, semen, serum, mucus present in the digestive tract or respiratory cavities. A survey of abo blood groups, secretor status and smoking habits among 389 students and staff of a school in which there was an outbreak of meningococcal disease found no difference in the distribution of the abo blood groups but a significantly higher proportion of non-secretors (37 %) in the population examined compared with that reported.

secretors and non secretors in human population antigens biology essay Abo blood group antigen (abga) secretion into the saliva and other body fluids is a well-known phenomenon, and there is evidence to suggest a link between secretor status and the appearance of caries. secretors and non secretors in human population antigens biology essay Abo blood group antigen (abga) secretion into the saliva and other body fluids is a well-known phenomenon, and there is evidence to suggest a link between secretor status and the appearance of caries.
Secretors and non secretors in human population antigens biology essay
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